Dental Hygiene Program
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Dental Hygiene Program

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A good dental hygiene is critical for an optimal dental health and quality of life.  Nowadays we live in a world where we are rushing to get things done and hence our daily practices on dental hygiene are kept to the very minimum.  

Are we really aware of the most appropriate technique to floss, brush or rinse our teeth to prevent bad breath, cavities, gingivitis or periodontal diseases?  The common answer to this question is ‘no’. We strongly believe that dental hygiene education should be integral part not only of preventive care but also of every dental treatment.

We, at DentalCare ONE, educate our patients and conduct hands-on sessions on how to exercise optimal dental hygiene and target the areas of concern to address the individual’s specific circumstances.  For example, your dental hygiene practices may vary if you are a child or you are a heavy smoker or are wearing an orthodontic device or have implants or are undergoing an implant or wisdom tooth removal procedure; likewise, if you are wearing a prosthodontic device such as a partial or full bridge or are using a mouthguard or an occlusal splint during your sleep.

Our dental hygiene education program runs along with an information session on how the performance of different type of products commonly used in dental hygiene may help you target your individual circumstances.  This session also discusses how your dietary practices may have an effect on your dental health so that you can take decisions on an informed basis.

We offer you:

  • A comprehensive dental examination and review of your medical history to identify areas of concern and potential options that may help you develop improved dental hygiene practices
  • An education program to monitor the effectiveness of the dental hygiene procedures established for your individual circumstances. This program monitoring can be carried out as part of your periodic preventive care examination (recommended every two months if you have a periodontal disease otherwise no longer than every six months)
  • A preventive care treatment plan to help you maintain an optimal dental health eliminating the need for emergency or last minute procedures that impact your wellbeing
  • Proffesional dental cleaning including removal of tartar, tooth scaling and tooth polishing (Air Flow)

Dental hygiene program is very important in order to maintain good oral health, prevent cavities, prevent periodontal disease (gum disease), brighten your smile, freshen your breath and boost your overall health.  


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