About Dental Tourism

About Dental Tourism

  Dental tourism is traveling from your area of residence to another location for the purpose of obtaining dental treatments. Dental tourism is considered to be the largest sector of medical tourism sector. There are several drivers for dental tourism.  The primary driver appears to be economics, which is directly related to the cost differential from one place to another. Nowadays people from developed countries, such as Italy, France, Switzerland and more, travel to developing countries, such as Albania, for high quality dental care at e lower cost. Other drivers are the long waiting times and the speed of obtaining treatments.

   Besides receiving dental care, some tourists combine the trip to include other tourism related activities at wonderful places of Albania. Dental tourism involves activities related to travel and hosting a tourist who stays at least one night in Tirana. We offer our full services to both types of dental tourists, those who travel to Tirana for the sole purpose of dental treatment, or those who want to obtain dental treatment as part of holiday package. Moreover, migrant tourists are among those who return in Albania for a holiday or to visit relatives and who then access dental treatment during their visit.

   Our dental tourism program offers both types of dental care; general and specialized dental care. General dental care includes tooth scaling, professional cleaning, air polishing, simple fillings, root canal treatments, professional tooth whitening and more. While specialized dental care, such as complex restorative treatment, crowns, procthesis, oral surgeries, implants and more, are carried out by our dental albanian and italian specialists.

   The demand for dental care is considered to be non-emergency dominated, therefor our experience in dental tourism with planning ahead of the dental treatment has been always well organized and with positive results.

   DentalCare ONE, as a private establishment, is determined to enhance the dental tourism industry further. Our goal is to satisfy all our actual patients and to motivate our potential patients to travel in Tirana for high quality dental care.